Ozark S1E1 + Amrut Port Pipe


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Remember when the Clampett’s headed out to Beverly Hills on account of Jed shootin’ at some food, and up through the ground came a whole lot of bubblin’ crude way before alternative forms of energy were a thing? Those Clampett’s moved to Californy and got themselves a swimming’ pool and a big old mansion (at a very affordable low interest rate) with their newfound petroleum profits and America fell in love with their down-home way of life.

Sixty years later, another heart-warming TV family did just the opposite on its way into our mobile 5G streaming lives…

Four years ago, the Byrds of Big City Chicago high tailed their packed minivan south to the bucolic Lake of the Ozarks (aka The Redneck Riviera) to start life over. Unlike the Clampetts though, the Byrds had to move muy rapidamente, or else the Mexican drug cartel that Marty has been laundering money for will bury him, wife Wendy, and kids Charlotte and Jonah somewhere six feet under in the outfield at Wrigley Field never to be seen again.

Welcome to the Ozarks, Kids! You’ll love it here!

On this week’s episode of One Show, One Drink, we go back to where it all started for the Bryds. Season 1, Episode 1 – on The Netflix – the award winning crime thriller, Ozark.

Unlike the first episode of The Beverly Hillbillies, this one is in color which is perfect with all the blood! And speaking of deep red, we chat away while drinking an 8 year old single cask Amrut from an ex-Port Pipe cask chosen by Southern California Whisky Club and Raj Sabharwal of Glass Revolution Imports. Luckily this episode isn’t in black and white!

Take a seat on the pier, dangle those tootsies in the lake, swat away them “skeeters”, pour yourself a little whiskey, and take a listen to another episode from the What We Watch When We Drink family of podcasts. Now in 5K.

And ponder the deep words of the great philosopher, Ruth Langmore: “Why Would They Make DEFCON 1 Worse Than DEFCON 5?

We LOVE Ruth! ❤️

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