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DRNXMYTH Ready-To-Drink Cocktails Review

While there’s no denying that we enjoy a well-crafted cocktail, making them at home can be a hassle. Sure, I suppose you can buy those supermarket cocktail mixes if you MUST have a cocktail, but let’s face it, they’re really not very good. Great cocktails are made from fresh ingredients and really good spirits and liqueurs. So going back to our original point, well-crafted cocktails are a pain in the ass. And we REALLY REALLY REALLY miss going to cocktail bars!

So let’s say that you’re determined to have that cocktail at home but you’re as lazy as we are. As luck would have it, a short while ago, we received an email about a new service called DRNXMYTH that will deliver cold, ready-to-drink cocktails right to your home. Sounds pretty great, right?

Here’s more information about this service…

We are thrilled to introduce you to the freshest craft cocktails delivered right to your door with DRNXMYTH! Created by bartenders and always fresh, cold-pressed, and never heated, DRNXMYTH uses proprietary cocktail tech to deliver cold, ready-to-drink cocktails to titillate your taste buds and get you buzzing. Their drinks are made with Fresh cold-pressed juices sourced directly from farms in Southern California and without any artificial ingredients or preservatives!

In need of a full bar? Hosting a virtual happy hour for your company? Tired of sugary and watered-down mixes? DRNXMYTH offers the ability to order as much as 1 bottle or a whole round of their 16 drinks delivered to your door, as well larger setups for corporate events.

Additional Details:

      • Drinks are truly fresh, cold-pressed, never heated, and no artificial ingredients or preservatives
      • $1 shipping for all orders of over 10 drinks on the West Coast and Tri-state area
      • 10% off at checkout when you drop your email and phone number
      • Each bottle is 2 servings (2 drinks!)
      • Classic flavors like Bourbon Sour and Margarita to fun and explosive like Peach Inferno and Smoked Watermelon

The folks at DRNXMYTH were kind enough to send us five different cocktails and let’s just say that we were more than a little bit excited to give them a try. To find out what we thought of them, click the play button on the following video:

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Many thanks to DRNXMYTH for sending us these very generous samples!

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