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Double Nickel Brewing Campfire Comforts Review

A little bit before Christmas 2020, we paid a visit to Pennsauken, NJ’s Double Nickel Brewing Company to interview Brian Needham and Drew Perry about a collaborative beer that they created with several local brewers called Friends Giving. Click play on the following link to find out more about this beer:

On our way out of the brewery, we passed what Limpd likes to call the “gift shop”, so before we headed home, we perused their most current canned beer offerings and decided to pick up a few four packs to-go. You know, for research purposes.

One of the beers that we picked up is called Campfire Comforts. Here’s what they had to say about it…

Campfire Comforts is a maple syrup-bourbon-barrel aged brown ale conditioned on Bali Blue Moon coffee beans, locally roasted by our friends at @harvestcoffee. We started this project over a year ago as a collaboration with our pal Jon from the Maple Shop. We aged fresh maple syrup from Red Leaf Hollow Farms in Vermont for 6 months in Buffalo Trace bourbon barrels before we swapped the syrup for a brown ale and let it rest for another 10 months. The barrels oozed flavors of honey-coated biscuits and dark fruit coupled with its syrupy, bourbon backbone into our malty brown ale base. We then conditioned Campfire Comfort on Bali Blue Moon coffee. The result is a delectable balance of sweet maple, ample malt, smooth bourbon, and roasty coffee that will keep you warm as you lay low going into winter.⁣

Upon reading the description of this beer, our first reaction was, “Holy Hades! That sounds like layers of flavors!”. Or something along those lines. To find out if this beer is as good as its rather lofty description, click the play button on the following video:

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