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A Review of Tin Cup Straight Rye Mountain Whiskey

Regular subscribers are well aware of our weakness for pretty shiny packaging, so let’s just say that they won’t be shocked to hear that we REALLY like the packaging of the latest release from Tin Cup...

Pretty bottle? Check.
Interesting shape to said pretty bottle? Check.
Cap that serves double duty as a shot glass? Check!

It’s this bit of thoughtful design that might cloud our opinion of what’s in the bottle, but fear not loyal subscibers! We’re pros (or so we’d like to think), so we can definitely look past some pretty shiny packaging and give an unbiased opinion. Or can we?

Before we find out if we were able to maintain our booze reviewer integrity, here are a few words about this whiskey from the fine folks at Tin Cup:

TINCUP® Rye has been crafted to celebrate the original rye recipes enjoyed by settlers and miners of Tin Cup, Colorado, with a taste that matches the bold spice and spirit of the Old West.

A bold and smooth 90 proof rye whiskey, made of 95% Mid-Western Rye & 5% Barley. TINCUP® Rye is distilled and aged for three years, then cut to proof with pure Rocky Mountain water.

Now that you know all that, click the play button on the following video to find out if our judgement was clouded by the rose-colored glasses of optimism:

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Many thanks to Backbone Media for sending us this very generous sample!

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