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Whisky Review – The John Milroy Selection Tobermory 8 Year Old

We likey Scotch.
We likey Single Malt Scotch…
We likey Single Barrel, Single Malt Scotch…
We likey CASK STRENGTH, Single Barrel, Single Malt Scotch…

And on this week’s episode of A Tasting at The Murder Table, that’s EXACTLY what we’ll be reviewing; a Cask Strength, Single Barrel, Single Malt Scotch from The John Milroy Selection. This particular Single Malt comes from the Isle of Mull’s (no relation to Martin Mull, as far as we know) very own Tobermory Distillery (they also make the very yummy and delightfully peaty Ledaig).

While there was no information about this whisky on The John Milroy Selection website, we did find the following information on the K&L website

This crazy little Tobermory is exactly what I love about the strange little distillery on the Isle of Mull. It was filled into a used sherry butt in 2008. This distillery sometimes gets a bad rap, in particular because the independently bottled stuff is usually filled into 4th- and 5th-fill cask. The slightly feinty style of the malt really needs some higher quality oak to be softened enough to release its complexity, but once it does it can be an absolute treat. There’s no question that Tobermory has the potential to provide incredible depth and enjoyment, but it’s often a challenging whisky not necessarily designed for the novice. This particular cask represents that dichotomy perfectly. Second-fill sherry butts are perhaps the perfect vessel for this funky spirit, adding and taking from the whisky in perfect balance. As expected this whisky is as fun and funky, but it also represents one of the starkest examples of the benefits a few drops of fine spring water to a quality single malt like this one. It’s nearly mandatory with something this youthful to at least try it with a few drops of water and thank god we did because this thing absolutely transforms. What was once hard edged and idiosyncratic is now opulent and enlightening. There is complete turnaround in the glass and one of the most unique and exciting drinking experiences we can ever offer at any price point. An odd yet beautiful whisky that will appeal to the real malt geek.

They certainly had a good bit to say about this wacky sounding whisky, and frankly, so did we. To see and hear all of our boozy banter about this 8 YO Single Malt from the Tobermory Distillery, click the play button on the following video…

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Many thanks to Limpd for sharing this delightful and flavor packed whisky find!

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