Booze Banter

A Video Review of Mozart Chocolate Cream

On Thanksgiving Day Eve (aka this past Wednesday night), Limpd and I recorded two new episodes of “A Tasting at the Murder Table“. The first episode features a review of two different New Holland Brewing Dragon’s Milk expressions, while the second episode features the chocolate cream liqueur that you see in the above photo.

Before we get to our review, here’s what Mozart of Salzburg, Austria has to say about these Chocolate Cream liqueur…

Belgian chocolate, fresh cream and aromatic notes of vanilla and cocoa – this fine blend, together with the special manufacturing process, makes Mozart Chocolate Cream Liqueur a unique Austrian speciality.

Fine gourmet chocolate ingredients are used to create a wonderfully syrupy, well-rounded cream liqueur, which adds a touch of sweetness to the day and makes the evening unforgettable. This sophisticated drink is best enjoyed lightly chilled as a chocolate drink, or used to add a touch of finesse to desserts.

And now that you know a bit about this yummy sounding elixir, sit back, relax, pour yourself a glass of your favorite beverage, and enjoy the latest episode of “A Tasting at The Murder Table“…


Many thanks to Frank Saulle of  Niche Import Co. for hooking us up with this very delicious sample!

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