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Beer Review – Sierra Nevada Otra Vez

Sierra-Nevada Otra Vez

How do you say Gose?
Repeat after me: GOH-zuh.
I have yet to try a German version,
But I’ve had several American versions.
Four of them to be exact.

My first Gose was made with blood oranges.
My second was made with cherries.
My third was closer to the traditional version.
So was my fourth.

Sierra Nevada’s Otra Vez is more like my first two Gose experiences.
It’s brewed with prickly cactus pear and grapefruit.
Their goal was to brew up a warm weather friendly beer.
One that’s thirst quenching, yet packed with flavor.
Let’s find out if it’s any good…

Otra Vez is tart, but not too tart.
Fruity, but not too fruity.
Citrusy, but not at all pithy.
Crisp, refreshing, and infinitely drinkable,
With a finish that leaves you with a mild pucker.
The kind you’d get after sipping on a dry German wine.

In the words of The Almonger,
“Probably not a true classic Gose, but approachable and addictive.”
I couldn’t agree more!

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  1. I’ve heard tell of one’s words living on in the cat-e-combs of the interwebs. Innocent texts gaining purchase on the pages of blog. The cyberworld’s version a canyon’s windswept ledge…

    Far be it from me to contradict my own opinions (not really. Near be it is more accurate). Approachable? Yes. Addictive? Yes, but I still have one left so it’s not addictive enough to trigger binge goseing. That’s a good thing because those things almost always lead to poor choices involving H.R. Puffinstuff memorabilia and impulse travel to the Marqueses Islands.

    Did I mention that Otra Vez is also surprisingly versatile. All in all a really nice brew.


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