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Beer Review – Sierra Nevada Otra Vez

How do you say Gose? Repeat after me: GOH-zuh. I have yet to try a German version, But I’ve had several American versions. Four of them to be exact. My first Gose was made with blood oranges. My second was made with cherries. My third was closer to […]

Beer Review – Sixpoint Jammer

Summer worthy Craft Beer is all about the session. Something you can drink all afternoon while lazing by the water. Poolside or on the beach near the crashing waves; the choice is yours. Much like what you pour into your glass to keep cool and hydrated. While the […]

Beer Review – Victory Kirsch Gose

If you read my review of the Bud Light Lime Lime-A-Rita, then you’re already aware that before I drank that swill, I had a bottle of Victory’s latest and greatest, i.e. their Kirsch Gose. Gose, which is pronounced Goes-uh, is a German beer style that goes back well […]