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Welcome to the American Whiskey Convention

If you’re a regular reader of “It’s just the booze dancing…“, then you already know that we love a great whisk(e)y show. Sadly, ever since the Scotch Malt Whisky Society of America suspended the Philadelphia Whisky Extravaganza, we’ve been seriously lacking in large scale, Philadelphia whisk(e)y events.

All of that is about to change when the American Whiskey Convention launches at Citizens Bank Park on Friday, March 25, 2016! This event, which is sponsored by the Delaware Valley Fields Foundation, will feature 100+ whiskeys and Bourbons from America’s best distilleries. We are seriously looking forward to this event and have already started our countdown. Below is more information about the American Whiskey Convention. We hope to see you there!

American Whiskey Convention

Click the above photo to visit the official event website. Use promo code VIPBooze to get $15 off your ticket.


American Whiskey Convention is a Grand Tasting
at Citizens Bank Park in Philadelphia, PA on March 25th

Philadelphia, PA, Feb 25, 2016 — Pennsylvania is the birthplace of American Whiskey. On March 25th, Philadelphia is hosting the country’s most exciting distilleries as they highlight their best bourbons and American whiskeys.

Up until prohibition, Pennsylvania was at the heart of American Rye whiskey production. Pennsylvania grew the grains, distilled the spirits and distributed whiskey to the entire nation. Today, there is an American whiskey renaissance happening, and once again, Pennsylvania is taking center stage.

Organized by the Delaware Valley Fields Foundation, the American Whiskey Convention will draw distillers from all over the country to showcase their bourbons and American whiskeys. Citizens Bank Park, home of the Philadelphia Phillies, in Philadelphia PA is the backdrop for this celebration of American whiskey.

“We are very excited to be able to host the American Whiskey Convention. We have created a whiskey event for people who enjoy whiskey. I wanted to highlight the inventiveness involved in crafting American whiskeys right now, everything from farming, distilling and the artisans who draw their inspiration from the booming whiskey scene. American Whiskey deserves to have the spotlight to itself, back home in Pennsylvania,” says Laura Fields, CEO and founder of Delaware Valley Fields Foundation.

American Whiskey Convention Infographic

Click the pic to learn more about the American Whiskey Convention.

The event is more than a grand tasting. On hand will be local farmers and malt houses to talk about the role they play in the production of whiskey. Artisans will demonstrate their whiskey-related creations. Master distillers Herman Mihalich, of Dad’s Hat, and Dave Pickerell, the man behind Whistle Pig Rye and many others, host discussion classes for whiskey connoisseurs. Sarah Milne, of Heaven Hill, hosts a Whiskey 101 tasting for those who are new to whiskey. Mixologists from Twisted Tail will be teaching how to make great whiskey cocktails. The Victory Special Order Lounge highlights whiskeys not found on PA liquor store shelves.

“We’ve been fortunate to work with so many great partners – the distillers themselves, the Phillies, Sugarhouse Casino, Victory Motorcycles, PLCB and so many more. It has been a collaborative effort to create this spectacular event that puts Pennsylvania and Philadelphia back at the center of the American whiskey map,” Laura continues.

The event is sponsored by the Delaware Valley Fields Foundation to help promote the role that local small farming plays in the production of whiskey. The Delaware Valley Fields Foundation is committed to promoting the role and history of local small farming. Working together with farmers and other local non-profits, the Delaware Valley Fields Foundation helps bring attention to the vital role of small farming in our communities.


Below is the link to buy tickets for the first annual American Whiskey Convention. Remember to use promo code VIPBooze to get $15 off the ticket price.

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