Booze Banter

Booze Poll: What’s Your Favorite Booze Infused Commercial?

This is what liquor ads used to look like.

Attention grabbing visuals, a soundtrack that gets stuck in your head, and of course an intoxicating beverage are just a few of the elements that combine to make a great liquor commercial…

Over the past 2.5 years, we’ve posted several liquor commercials that we’ve either seen on TV, or stumbled upon as we surf the interwebz. We have so far covered Cuervo 1800, Wild Turkey, Jim Beam, Suntory Whisky, and Johnnie Walker. The fact that we enjoy these commercials shouldn’t be a shock. This is a blog that is mostly about drinking after all.

According to a recent article in Advertising Age (click here to check it out for yourself), you can expect to see many more of these commercials as the spirits industry continues to roll out new products such as “flavored whiskies and other line extensions”.

Below are five more commercials that we’ve stumbled upon over the past few months which we found to be highly entertaining…


Captain Morgan




Southern Comfort




Hornitos Tequila


Now that you’ve seen the ads, we’d like to find out which one is your favorite by having you take our poll. If you’ve stumbled upon a liquor commercial that you like even better, feel free to tell us about it in the comments below. Cheers!

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