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Booze News: An Infographic In Honor Of September’s Bourbon Heritage Month

In celebration of Bourbon Heritage Month, the good people at Wild Turkey have created the above infographic that highlights 10 facts about the wonderful American spirit that Limpd often refers to as “Demon Bourbon!”. Since this phrase is usually uttered after he consumes a dram or two of Bourbon, I’m not sure who the actual Demon is. Is Bourbon the demon, or does it simply bring out Limpd’s demonic nature? Perhaps the following live performance of “Whisky You’re The Devil” by a Serbian band called the Orthodox Celts will help answer this question (don’t expect any answers):

The only way to truly celebrate Bourbon Heritage Month (other than making a pilgrimage to Kentucky of course), is by pouring yourself a dram of this magnificent spirit. I will be sipping what’s left of my 2010 Parker’s Heritage Collection throughout the month. How will you be celebrating? What’s your favorite Bourbon? Let us know in the comments below.

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