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Beer Review – Stone Smoked Porter

On the day before the Super Bowl, Mrs. Limpd extended an invitation to Mrs. G-LO and the rest of the G-LO clan to attend an impromptu Super Bowl party at Chateau Limpd. Since we knew that this would be a great opportunity to spend some time with friends, eat some good food, drink some good beer, and basically let the children run wild for a couple hours, we graciously accepted her invitation. Mrs. G-LO offered to make a Buffalo Chicken Dip and I planned to bring a 22 ounce bomber of the Stone Smoked Porter that I had been planning to open for quite some time.

While I have had the Stone Smoked Porter on two separate occasions (once on tap at The Pourhouse while The Wookie was having the Laguntias A Little Sumpin’ Sumpin’, and a second time on tap at When Pigs Fly Pizzeria in Kittery, Maine) this would be my first time having it poured from a bottle.

Here is what Stone has to say about their Smoked Porter:

So you think you don’t like dark beer? Prepare to believe. This is no ordinary porter. And if you are already among the enlightened who appreciate a fine ebony-hued ale, we think you will find Stone Smoked Porter to be a poignant addition to your repertoire. 

Let’s get on with the review…

  • Appearance: Deep, dark brown with red highlights when held up to the light. Thick, tan, fluffy head that lingers for a really long time.
  • Aroma: Hints of smoke. Rich, roasted malt. French roast coffee. Faint smell of hops.
  • Taste: Medium carbonation. Very smooth and creamy mouthfeel. A nice combination of rich, roasted malts with just a bit of hop bitterness. Clean, roasted malt finish.
  • ABV: 5.9%

I am happy to report that the Stone Smoked Porter lost nothing in translation! Much like the Great Lakes Eddie Fitz Porter, this is a smooth, easy drinking dark beer, and it’s a definite #ComfortBeer contender. The Stone Smoked Porter is a great beer that I will definitely be drinking again.

But don’t just take my word for it! Since this was a 22 ounce bottle, there was more than enough to share. Limpd, Mrs. Limpd, Mrs. G-LO, and even Limpd’s Mom (a self proclaimed non-beer drinker) all had a sample. They were a bit apprehensive at first, but after that first sip, they were instantly won over. Lots of “Oh! This is really good!”, “Not at all what I was expecting”, and “I really like this beer” comments soon followed as they emptied their glasses.

One last thing…

Although The Wives let out a collective groan when I started writing down my tasting notes, Limpd’s Mom decided to join the fun and asked for a pen and paper to write down her impressions of this beer. For your reading pleasure, here are her tasting notes…

  • Appearance: Dark caramel color.
  • Aroma: Evergreen bouquet.
  • Taste: Slightly peppery taste with a bit of a bite as you swallow. There’s also quite an aftertaste.

For a woman who claims to not drink beer, she certainly seemed to know her way around a review.

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  1. First of all:

    Mad props to your Mama. She’d make Francis Ford Coppola proud (though I doubt Danny Devito would be willing to praise her with appropriate amplitude).

    I’ve always felt that Stone Smoked Porter is the gold standard of smoked porters (although not my favorite – more on that in a sec). Beautifully balanced flavors married with a subtle, though ever-present smokiness. It’s the kind of craft beer that you could confidently serve to those who say that they hate smoked beers. It’s also extremely versatile. It’s a natural with BBQ or burgers but I’ve also paired it with full-flavored fish such as King or Copper River Salmon.

    That said, my favorite smoked porter is Alaskan Smoked Porter. It’s the Laphroig 30 of smoked porters (but even harder to find). Thankfully, I had the rare common sense to save a 2007 bottle back in….2007. With any luck I’ll forget that I typed this and won’t feel compelled to go right to it the second I get home tonight.

    Again, Buena Mama a’fortuna belissimo!!!!!!!!!!!!



    • Ah yes… the infamous Alaskan Smoked Porter. The stuff of legend! Perhaps one day it will be available in our area.

      And as far as Stone Smoked Porter food pairings go, I had it with a charcuterie encrusted pizza from When Pigs Fly, the crazy Chili Nachos from The Pourhouse, and a smorgasbord of Super Bowl vittles at Limpd’s house. Went well with everything!


    • Dude! You let my kids trash your house plus you fed me and my clan with some tasty Super Bowl appropriate vittles. I think a $6 beer was the least I could do.


      • How did I miss this one too? I was there but did I get there too late? Darn my Roman Catholic family and their celebration of baptisms on Super Bowl Sunday.


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