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Brew News: Beer As Art?

photo courtesy of Trade Me

The Huffington Post ran a story today about an industrious drinker who saved a year’s worth of bottles and built a rather unique frame for his bed. Using 318 Heineken bottles (212 large ones and 106 small ones) and some fluorescent lighting, New Zealand carpenter Steve Sandvoss created a one-of-a-kind bed room accessory. He then sold the bed frame online for $3,000. Two questions:

  1. Couldn’t he find a source of green glass other than Heineken (talk about an artist suffering for his work)?
  2. Would your better half allow you the time to work on your “art”?

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  1. What is the best thing about Heineken? The song they use in one of the commercials!!!! I think most modern dances may have been derived from this gem, including the Batusi, the Hokey Pokey, Michael Jackson’s Thriller, and the Wedding Chicken Dance!


  2. Quite an interesting find! I give the man an A+ for originality and an F+ for a poor choice of materials. A bit fragile no?

    And here’s one of the Heineken ads referenced by Miracle Max. Way cool!


  3. There are a couple of floor table lights made out of beer bottles, at The Dogfish Head Brewery in Milton, DE. I thought they were pretty cool. Now… what to do with a ton of bottle caps… any suggestions??


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