Ballast Point

Beer Review – Ballast Point Sculpin IPA


Prior to the 2010 Philly Beer Week, I’d never heard of Ballast Point Brewing Company. My first exposure to their beers was when I had a Sculpin IPA at Good Dog Bar. It was love at first sip! I had my second at Devil’s Den later that summer, and it was just as good the second time around. On both occasions, the Sculpin IPA was available on draught and I gave it an A+ because it is easily one of the best IPAs that I’ve ever had.

Since it’s now widely available in bottles, I was curious to see how it would compare to what I had on draught. Once again, the Sculpin IPA did not disappoint! Slightly cloudy copper color. A fluffy head that lingers for quite awhile. Strong grapefruit and hop aromas. Well carbonated. The flavors are very crisp and clean. Grapefruit and medium hop bitterness dominate the flavor palate. For a beer with a 7% ABV, the alcohol taste is kept in check, which makes this beer very drinkable, i.e. I can definitely have more than one and not get tired of it. I give the bottled version of Ballast Point’s Sculpin IPA a solid A.

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  1. Dude? That looks like enough Sculpin to share yet my cellphone is silent. What gives? You holding out on me?

    All kidding aside I would totally agree with G-lo that this was one of the gems of Philly Beer Week 2010. It’s a crisp highly floral and citrusy IPA not over hopped and bitter. Can’t wait to try the bottled version.


  2. I brought it to Arch’s house since they offered to have us over for pizza. She seemed to enjoy it. Gotta love a girl that likes really good beer!

    Wine Works had it for $10/bomber. The price is steep, but the beer is excellent. And only a hair behind the draught version.


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