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Food + Beer Review – The Edelweiss Restaurant, Pocono Lake, PA

On a recent trip to the Poconos with the Mrs. and the urchins, we stopped off at the Edelweiss Restaurant for dinner. The restaurant located on Route 940, Pocono Lake, PA 18347 (for reservations: 570-646-3938) and from the outside doesn’t resemble all that much. Inside, however, the dining area has been decorated like a Black Forest lodge with rich wood carvings and heavy wood tables near a large open hearth. If the décor and atmosphere weren’t enough, the food was tremendous. I opted for the Veal Schnitzel Gruyere (breaded veal cutlet with diced tomatoes and gruyere cheese) with a side of Spätzle while the Mrs. had the traditional Weiner Schnitzel. My daughter, now 9, ordered her first meal not on the children’s menu and opted for the Chicken Francaise. And the boys were more than satisfied with their hot dogs.

In addition to the fine food, the Edelweiss offers an oak paddle with four two ounce samples. From their extensive beer list, I chose a Saranac Pumpkin Ale, a Franziskaner Hefe-Weisse, a Warsteiner and a Victory Donnybrook Stout .

The Saranac Pumpkin Ale (Beer Advocate – B) was a good example of a pumpkin ale. With a clear amber color and thin foam, the ale was thick with a full flavor of hops and the obvious flavor of pumpkin followed by a mildly bitter finish.

The Franziskaner Hefe-Weisse (Beer Advocate – A-) was a light straw color with a quickly dissipating foam. The cloudy, thin beer had an aroma of hops and citrus and was served with a slice of lemon that curbed the bitter aftertaste.

The Warsteiner (Beer Advocate – B-) had a clear straw color with a thick foam. The beer was thin and hoppy with a good flavor and just the slightest bitter finish.

The Victory Donnybrook Stout (Beer Advocate – B+) was dark with a thick, tan foam. The beer was surprisingly thin with a roasted malt flavor and burnt chocolate finish.

I would have ranked the four as follows:
Victory Donnybrook Stout – B+
Saranac Pumpkin Ale – B
Warsteiner – B
Franziskaner Hefe-Weisse – B-

So, to recap, atmosphere – good; beverages – good; food – good. If you find yourself in the Poconos and are near Route 940, I would suggest a meal or two at the Edelweiss Restaurant.

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    • I can almost hear them singing now ……..

      DO, the stuff… that buys me beer…
      RAY, the guy that sells me beer…
      ME, the guy… who drinks the beer…
      FA, a long way to get beer…
      SO…… I’ll have another beer…
      LA…… I’ll have another beer…
      TEA….. no thanks, I’m drinking beer…

      That will bring us back to…
      (Looks into an empty glass)


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