Bear Republic

Beer Review – Racer 5 & Ruination IPA

Last weekend, G-Lo, the Wookie and the ROK gathered for a rum tasting. Okay, so tasting might sound a little lofty but it sounds better than a couple of neighbors out drinking in the yard. The Wookie had just returned from a trip to the USVI and was loaded with rum so as my contribution, I brought two 22oz bottles (the Racer 5 and the Ruination Ale) for sampling as a chaser. First up was the Racer 5, an American India Pale Ale with an ABV: 7.0% from the Bear Republic Brewing Company. This was a delicious brew. It has a citrus and floral aroma with good color and a great taste with an even better finish. As we had this prior to the rum, I feel that my senses were not dulled and I would give it an A (the average score at the Beer Advocate was an A-).
After a quick sample of rum, we moved on to the Ruination IPA. The Wookie took a pass as he had the Ruination before and did not care for it (and he was much more interested in the products of Nicaragua). The Ruination IPA, a product from the Stone Brewing Company with an ABV of 7.7%, is exceedingly hoppy that prides itself on the intensely bitter finish. While the average score at the Beer Advocate was an A, I found the flavor to intense, the flavor to bitter and the beer too hoppy. I would give the beer a B unless approached by a Hop head who I think would welcome this beer.

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