Bar Harbor

Beer Review – Bar Harbor Blueberry Ale

Last Thursday, my better half let me know that the urchins had infested the Wookie’s yard and we were coordinating pizza for dinner. Not one to arrive empty-handed, I stopped at the local shop to purchase a cold six-pack suitable for sharing. (As it was still just Thursday, I figured a beer or two a man would be plenty). Since I was going to the Wookie’s and he constantly mocks me for my fruit beer selections, I followed form and opted for a Bar Harbor Blueberry Ale from the Atlantic Brewing Company. Naturally, the Wookie turned his nose up on my offering and continued to pile on the abuse. G-Lo felt my pain and had one which I believe he soon regretted. The beer had neither a blueberry taste nor finish and was not particularly memorable. It wasn’t a bad beer. It wasn’t a good beer. It was a little blah. I would give it a C (the average score at the Beer Advocate is a B-).

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