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T.G.I. Craft Beer

On Monday (5/9/11) T.G.I. Friday’s announced their new summer menu that embraces Craft Beer and proclaims that “Everything Tastes Better with Brew”.   While truer words were never spoken I am bit skeptical of a restaurant that once proclaimed, and I am paraphrasing, that “Everything tastes better with an […]

Sudsy Sunday Report

Wrapping another weekend and enjoying some beautiful weather, G-LO and I, along with honorary Booze Dancer “Crazy Eye”, kicked back on my deck Sunday night and had some great brews (pictured above). 

Beer Review – Terrapin Rye Squared

Every other Thursday or so the boys and I celebrate “Thirsty Thursday”.  It is nothing more than an excuse to bust open some fine craft beers midweek and forget that it’s not the weekend yet.  A few weeks back G-lo was sans family so instead of drinking at […]