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Brew Gadget – Beeracuda Brew Cooler

Okay so beer is the new Gatorade, right?  What, you haven’t heard?  All the great beer minds are talking about it:  Jim at the Beer and Whiskey Bros ; John at the Kentucky Brew Review.   Even our own G-lo reported on how the Philly ODDyssey Half Marathon is working with Triumph Brewing to create a Recovery Ale.  So if you “need” beer to properly exercise it would stand to reason that someone would create a carrier so you could easily tote a sixpack on your next hike in the woods.  Burton Snowboards to the rescue.

The snowboard gurus at Burton give you the Beeracuda.  This is not the average bear’s pic-a-nic basket it is more of a liquid lunchbox for the hiking, skiing, and boarding hophead.  The Beeracuda is a simple insulated beverage sling that keeps 5 cans of brew cold and holds the 6th can in a koozie for easy access.  Brilliant!

Now just pair this with some of the great canned beer offerings from Oskar Blues and you have the perfect recipe for a great day in the back country or on the bunny slope.

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    • We need to add that as a candidate for our “Canned Beer of the Summer 2011” research project. AKA the Great Pool Beer Search.


  1. That friggin awesome.

    Boo to dry counties, KY has a lot of them.

    Im holding a beer mile this weekend….should be…wait for it….


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