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Beer Pairings – What’s your favorite?

Is there anything as perfect as crabs and beer?  I was pondering this question last weekend while I pounded through some snow crab and rock crab with the Wookettes.  The crabs were delicious but made all the better with the addition a few River Horse Unfiltered Lagers.

Now the River Horse Unfiltered Lager is not a spectacular brew but its mild earthy flavor and creamy unfiltered texture are the perfect compliment to a salty, spicy crab feast.  Which begs another question: What other foods are taken to the next level with the right beer?

Here are some of my other favorite specific beer and food pairings:

So what are your favorite brew and food pairings and is there anything better than crabs and beer?

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  1. Founders KBS and Chocolate – Haven’t tried it, but I imagine it would be AWESOME!

    33 Export and Vietnamese Food – I’m sure there are better beers for this, but for now, this combination works (cuisine and country pairing?). Now I want a big bowl of Pho with the works, i.e. crispy flank steak, tripe, tendon, eye roast, jalapenos, fresh bean sprouts, basil, and lime.

    Guinness (a side of Jameson too perhaps?) and a Big Irish Breakfast from Fado – extra black and white pudding please!

    Duvel and Sushi – Yes. I saw the White Rascal mentioned, and it was EXCELLENT, but Duvel will give it a run for it’s money.

    Victory Prima Pils and Pizza – Pils and Pizza. Ya feel me?

    Bell’s Hopslam and Salmon Burger – Had it. Loved it!

    So many more to mention…


  2. I personally love Paulaner Oktoberfest with brats and sauerkraut too!

    Here’s some of my other favorites:

    Sierra Pale – pizza with peperoncinis

    Legend Brown – cheeseburger

    Dogfish 60 min – sharp cheddar cheese

    Dogfish Red & White – pasta with red sauce

    Hoegaarden – Eggs Benedict


  3. Awesome lists – pairing is so much fun.

    A few of my favorites:
    Beer (any) and pizza (any/all)
    Brasserie Dieu du Ciel! Rosee d’Hibiscus and key lime pie
    Fullers London Porter and a hamburger topped with swiss, mushrooms and caramelized onions
    Boulevard Pale Ale and grilled cheese with tomato soup
    Schlafly’s Pumpkin Ale and pecan pie


    • Would definitely agree with the any beer/any pizza thing but have never paired beer with pie. I must give it a try.


  4. I’m totally a fan of Brooklyn Brown & pizza, Oktoberfest & brats (love your Paulaner recommendation), and Highland Oatmeal Porter & roast beef tenderloin. Mmmm!


    • Gotta go traditional with the Paulaner and Brats plus I have a neighbor that makes his own sauerkraut. German beer and food heaven!

      Love the Highland Oatmeal Porter & Tenderloin recommendation ….. That’s what I call a nice dinner!


      • You’ve never been to two of these places …. you are actually trusting me? Great! Let’s play Wookie Says ….

        Wookie Says …. put your beer in my beer fridge

        Wookie Says …. put you Whiskey in my booze locker


  5. Top Guns (local – not shoebies version) at Charlie’s. Thanks. Now I need those.

    Here’s my random pairing:

    Bear Republic Racer 5 (on tap) with a stack of onion rings at the YardHouse.

    OK, one more:

    Stone Pale Ale and Hebrew Nats on the grill


    • Love the “locals only” version of the wings at Charlie’s. Add in a Wes’ Favorite and I am in heaven. Can you say road trip?

      For those of you not from the Jersey Shore I will explain. Charlie’s Bar is a great dive bar in Somers Point NJ. (and I mean dive in a good way). They make the best wings outside of Buffalo NY (maybe even better). In the summer Charlie’s can get overrun with “Shoebies” (Wikipedia explains here – Charlie’s really shines in the off-season when the Shoobies leave and they serve up a spicier version of their “Top Gun” hot wings.

      Now I need them too. Damn!


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