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Celebrate American Craft Beer Week – May 16-22nd

Happy American Craft Beer Week Everyone!  It’s time to get out, show your love of craft beer or put aside your usual “Big Beer” brand and try something new.

Since 2006 the Brewers Association, the national organization that represents the interests of small and independent craft brewers in America, has promoted a week long celebration of the enjoyment of Craft Beer.  In 2011 it is predicted that celebrations of American Craft Beer Week will be held across all 50 states.  To find out about American Craft Beer Week events in your area check out American Craft Beer Week page at

If you, like the Booze Dancers, are in the Philly area from May 16th through the 22nd check out the listing of  events at  Drink Philly has organized $3 American Craft Draft Beers and other specials all over Philadelphia from 5-7pm all week.  What’s not to love?

For die hard Philly area brew lovers you can think of the this as the last big “training event” before the craft beer marathon that is Philly Beer Week (June 3-12). 

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