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Two Days in Manhattan Part II – Day Two

Thanks to a good night’s sleep, The Wife and I were ready for Day Two of our anniversary weekend in Manhattan. Here’s how it all played out… Day Two 11:00AM – After a quick bagel and coffee breakfast, we took the subway back to Tribeca and stopped into Eataly […]

Two Days in Manhattan Part I – Day One

Mrs. G-LO and I celebrated our anniversary the same way that we did last year, by spending a weekend in Manhattan. Since she’s a VERY thorough travel planner, we had a full itinerary which included food, a museum, more food, nap time, more food, drinks, food again, more drinks, […]

Beer Madness 2011!

We’re all familiar with the NCAA Men’s Division 1 Basketball Championship, aka March Madness. Since 2007, The Washington Post has their own version of March Madness, but instead of NCAA Basketball, they take 64 beers and pit them against each other in a competition that they call Beer […]

Beer Review – Flying Dog Raging Bitch

There are Belgian-style beers. There are IPAs. And then there’s Belgian-style IPA. Could it get any more complicated?  The answer is yes, it can get really complicated! And if you don’t believe me, the Brewers Association has published a 34 page guide that will tell you how complicated it really is. […]