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Booze News Flash: Purple Valley Imports Releases Mahon Gin in the USA

Below is a press release from our good friend Raj Sabarwhal of Purple Valley Imports about a delicious Gin that they have just started selling in the US…

Mahon Gin

Click the pic to read about our #WhiskyRetreat with Raj…

Purple Valley Imports Introduces Mahon Gin from Spain.

Arriving in America for the first time Mahon Gin is one of only 3 Geographically Designated Gins in the world. First produced in 1708 to satisfy the British navy that was stationed on the island of Menorca, Mahon Gin is still produced using the original recipe.

In the early part of the 18th Century, the island of Menorca was a British Naval Port as part of the defense against Napoleon. MAHÓN GIN was first introduced in 1708 to satisfy the thirst of the British Navy, after which Gin became a wildly popular island drink, still to this day.

Produced in small batches, using centuries’ old wood fired copper stills and a long held secret botanicals recipe by the owning Pons family, MAHÓN GIN has become an iconic Mediterranean spirit, and a standard for distinctive world class craft Gin.


  • COLOR: Clear with a platinum cast.
  • NOSE: Deeply floral evoking lemongrass, verbena and dusty cedar, redolent of freshly cut flowers.
  • PALATE: Starts off with juniper, then distinctively floral with subtle spice and lemon zest undertones. Shows lovely silkiness and complexity on the mid-palate. FINISH: long lingering and rich, yet balanced with great freshness.
  • COMMENTS: Uniquely distinctive and delicious, as stunning as is the island of Menorca. This artfully composed Gin makes beautiful G&T’s, and shines in craft cocktails. TERRIFIC GIN….

The first shipment of 1200 bottles arrives September 15th and will be available in select markets. Bottled in traditional 1 liter caneta style bottles Mahon Gin has an SRP of $47.99.

About Purple Valley Imports – PVI Global is a small independent business specializing in world class small craft distilled spirits from around the world. Three times awarded Whisky Importer of the Year, PVI Global has distribution in 36 States.

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  1. YES! I had the pleasure and honor of attending their launch party (sad you couldn’t make it, G-LO!) and have been WAITING for this gin to come to the US! This stuff is AWESOME! Hoping to make it my “house Gin” once it hits retail shelves! Congrats to Purple Valley Imports for bringing another amazing product to us Americans!!! 😀

    Great post!


    • Oops! Forgot to respond to your comment.

      Limpd and I had a chance to try the Mahon back in May during our wee Whisky Retreat with Raj in Philly. As you know, we’re not exactly gin drinkers around here, but this stuff could definitely change that! We really enjoyed it and hope to see it available down here very very soon. Best of luck to Sir Raj and PVI!


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