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The Games That Craft Beer Geeks Play…

While attending my eldest son’s baseball game this afternoon, I was hit with a flurry of text messages from The Alemonger, whom I thought was going to drop by the field and join us for some Hot Dogs. It turns out that he was playing little games with […]

Booze Gadget – WhiskyCast App for Android OS

In March of 2010, the WhiskyCast smartphone app was released for the iPhone (available for free via iTunes). It featured direct access to the weekly WhiskyCast podcast, tasting notes and ratings for over 400 whiskies (written by Mark Gillespie, the founder of WhiskyCast), a calendar of events that […]

Beer Review – Cigar City Brewing Jai Alai IPA

When I hear the word Jai Alai, the opening credits to a dated 80s TV show immediately comes to mind… Crockett. Tubbs. Jan Hammer’s music. Ferrari Daytona Spyder. Pink t-shirts paired with neon colored, linen blazers . I’m thinking Miami, but in actuality, I should be thinking Tampa, because Jai Alai […]

Beer Review – Heavy Seas Rye Porter

Ever since his very positive experience with the Heavy Seas Gold Ale during a recent business trip to Baltimore, The Wookie has been on the hunt for more of their beers. During a Saturday afternoon beer run to Total Wine in Cherry Hill, The Wookie just happened to […]