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Draft Top Review

Depending upon your level of highfalutinism, drinking well-crafted Craft Beer while on-the-go can be a bit involved. As any Craft Beer geek will tell you, drinking directly from a bottle or can is only half the experience because you can’t get all those delicious aromas from a teeny tiny opening. What this means of course is that you’ll have to pack some cups or glassware to get the full Craft Beer experience when drinking on-the-go.

Or do you?!?

About a month or so ago, an email landed in our inbox asking if we’d like to try a gadget called Draft Top. It’s basically a can-opener of sorts that was specifically designed to turn an aluminum can into a vessel that will allow you to smell those lovely aromas while sipping on your favorite Craft Beer.

Here’s a bit more information about this product taken directly from the Draft Top website:

When using Draft Top® you release the full aroma allowing you to enjoy your beer as the brewer intended, all without needing a glass or wasting a plastic cup. So make your brewer proud and Drink Topless!

By safely removing the top, you elevate the canned experience by; adding ice and spirits to make cocktails, garnishing your beer with fruit and drinking them without the aeration that makes you full.

We see the world with a lot less single use plastic cups and more 99% recyclable aluminum cans. Together, we have chance to reduce environmental impact and close the loop on recycling.

That sure is a lot of approvals! It definitely sounds impressive, but will it meet our tough standards? Click the following video to watch us put it through its paces:

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Many thanks to Avalon Communications for sending us this very generous sample!

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