The Canadian Whisky + John Candy Tribute Show w/ Special Guest, Dave Mitton of Corby Spirit & Wine


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Unbeknownst to us here at the Boozedancing Entertainment Network, we’ve been out of compliance under the National Podcast Association’s Content Code. Seems that we haven’t been having enough Canadian content to keep our membership in good standing which seemed like a high bar for us anyway. Well, What We Watch When We Drink, Episode 29 will rectify that, eh!

After speaking to our MP’s and having a pleasant visit with a few tough but polite RCMP officers at the local Timmie’s for honey crullers and coffee, the Boozedancing powers-that-be convened to discuss a strategy. We met in the conference room and scarfed down poutine, smoked meat, maple taffy, ketchup chips, Nanaimo bars, bottles of pop, and ended with a carton of darts (Thanks, Uber Eats!). Once we were well fed, we strategized how to get get our Canadian content numbers above the NPA’s requirement and above the 49th parallel. After several loud belches, we came up with a plan and a guest! Actually the guest helped come up with the plan. We ain’t so smart.

The result of all that is that we’re joined on this episode by Dave Mitton (proud Torontonian!), the Global CANADIAN Whisky Ambassador for Corby Spirit and Wine in TORONTO. Dave hangs out with us and walks us through three brands made at the Hiram Walker and Sons Distillery in Windsor, ONTARIO, CANADA, and teaches us dumb Americans about CANADIAN whisky.

Dave’s CANADIAN brain came up with a beauty of an idea: let’s talk about the classic movie “Planes, Trains & Automobiles” starring JOHN CANDY (famous CANADIAN comedian and actor) and Steve Martin (not CANADIAN). And we delved deep into JOHN CANDY’s career from the SCTV days right through to his partnership with Wayne Gretzky (The Great One, Hall of Fame hockey player). We also revved up the CANADIAN content even more (just in case) with a very special surprise guest from a far away CANADIAN PROVINCE or TERRITORY (we’re not sure which it is).

It’s a rocking (more Rush than Loverboy) good time of Canadian whisky, the greatness of JOHN CANDY, and a comedy that has become a Thanksgiving (US, not Canadian) classic.

Happy NPA? Have we done enough to meet your Canadian content numbers?! Enough with the nasty emails!

Download and listen today! What We Watch When We Drink. It’s aways free. Won’t even cost you one measly Loonie.

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