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Fundy Gin Review

From our friendly and very socially distant neighbors in the Great White North (aka Canada aka Canadia) comes a spirit from one of their Maritime provinces. The spirit is called Fundy Gin, and the province is Nova Scotia.

Fundy Gin is a spirit from Still Fired Distillery which is located in a Nova Scotian town called Annapolis Royal. Here is a bit more information about the distillery and their gin:

Founded in 2015 by commercial divers Owen Ritchie and Andrew Cameron with an aim to produce elevated craft spirits in their native Nova Scotia, the distillery is located by the coast of the Annapolis River and within ½ mile of the Bay of Fundy. These premium small batch spirits are made from the first “legal” stills build and assembled in the province.

A one of a kind gin offering a truly authentic Maritime taste, Fundy Gin is double distilled from 100% corn, then blended and proofed into a Vodka at 40% with local spring water. This is then added back into the Kirby still with eight carefully chosen local botanicals – including hand-picked, sun dried dulse – for its final run. It contains the required minimum 50% basket weight of Juniper, and in distilling, passes over Bay of Fundy beach stone.

Much like with Rum and Mezcal, we’ve expanded our comfort zone and learned to appreciate a well crafted gin. To find out if Fundy Gin is just that, i.e. well crafted, click the play button on the following video:

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