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Sun Smash Fruited Hard Seltzer Review

Another day, another Hard Seltzer…

On today’s episode of A Tasting at The Murder Table, we sample four different Hard Seltzer expressions from ShadySide Beverages of Selah, Washington. SunSmash is the name of this new adult beverage and it comes in psychedelically decorated slimline cans.

Here’s a bit more information about this product courtesy of a press release that landed in our inbox not so long ago:

Unlike other seltzers on the market which offer little to no real fruit ingredients, SunSmash Fruited Hard Seltzer includes 25% real fruit juice. These new seltzers are lightly bubbled, leaving drinkers refreshed without the belly full of air that comes from overly carbonated seltzers.

SunSmash is a blend of carbonated water, alcohol from cane sugar, fruit juice concentrates, and natural flavors. Each can comes in at 150 calories, bridging the gap between tasteless hard seltzers and more indulgent high-calorie beverages.

SunSmash Fruited Hard Seltzer is available in four premium flavors:

* Black Currant, a fullerbodied take on the classic black cherry flavor
* Prickly Pear Lime, adding an unexpected twist to a classic citrus
* Mango Peach, a bright and balanced blend of popular fruits
* Pineapple Passionfruit, offering a refreshing taste of the tropics year-round

While Hard Seltzers are never our first choice when it comes to an adult beverage, there’s no denying that they’re VERY popular, so we figure we may as well give them a try. Because you never know when you need to stock up on drinks for a party or something. And also because we’re good hosts that like to give our guests options. To find out if SunSmash is good enough to make it onto our shopping list, click the play button on the following video:

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Many thanks to Blaze PR for sending us these very generous samples!

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