Friday Night LIVE! Cocktails with Martin Geijer of Geijer Spirits and “Booze Cruise” Author, André Darlington

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Welcome to a slightly different episode of What We Watch When We Drink…

On June 4th, we hosted a Friday Night Live session on our YouTube Channel where we were joined by Martin Geijer of Geijer Spirits and André Darlington, author of Booze and Vinyl, Booze Cruise, Gotham City Cocktails, and several other cocktail-centric books. During this session, Martin guided us through several of his very delicious spirits, and then we tried them in some cocktails. We also caught up with André to find out what’s next for this mighty prolific author. It was a super fun session, so we thought we’d share it as a podcast. ENJOY!

Show notes…

Andre’s New Books:

Geijer Spirits & Cocktails:

  • California Glögg Liqueur
    • Rusty Nail (stirred)
      • 2 oz Penderyn Legend
      • 0.75 oz California Glogg Liqueur
      • Large ice cube
      • Expressed Lemon Peel
  • California Orange Liqueur
    • Sidecar (shaken)
      • 1.5 oz cognac
      • 0.75 oz California Orange Liqueur
      • 0.75 ounce lemon juice, freshly squeezed
      • Garnish: Lemon twist and sugared rim
  • California Amaro
    • Tranquilizer II (stirred)
      • 1 oz California Amaro
      • 1.25 oz Apricot Liqueur
      • 0.75 oz Levantine Gin
      • 3 dashes of chocolate bitters
      • Express Lime peel for garnish

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