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Definitive Brewing Co. 35 Session Ale w/ Raspberry & Peach Review

This prettily packaged can of beer found its way to The Murder Table via a bit of neighborhood Craft Beer trading that occurred in early September…

The G-LO Clan spent the last week of August at our favorite lakefront rental just outside of Camden, Maine, and our neighbors rented the EXACT same house the week after. I left them a couple of Maine Beer Company expressions in the fridge as a sort of rental warming present, and our neighbors brought back a couple of beers from Portland and Boothbay.

The subject of today’s review is from Definitive Brewing Company of Portland, Maine, and it’s called 35 Session Ale with Raspberry and Peach. Here’s what Definitive Brewing has to say about it:

This delicate 3.5% ale was conditioned with heaps of peach and raspberry puree, resulting in a radically refreshing summer ale that tastes like raspberry cloud cake, a peach Arnold Palmer, and sunsets over Casco Bay!

Definitive Brewing Company is the gifter of this beer’s favorite brewery. Since he rarely shares a lackluster brew with his neighbors, we went into this tasting with a bit of optimism. To find out what we thought of this intriguing sounding Maine beer, click the play button on the following video:

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