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A LIVE Whisky Chat with the Founders of Faer Isles Distillery

On Saturday, September 19th at 3:30PM EDT / 12:30PM PDT, we’re hosting a LIVE whisky chat with two of the founders of Faer Isles Distillery, a whisky enthusiast funded start-up, which when completed, will be one of the northernmost distilleries in the world (it will be located in the Faroe Islands, which are located in the North Atlantic between Iceland and Scotland).

During this LIVE chat, we will be joined by Bogi Karbech Mouritsen, Founder & Distillery Manager, and Dánial Hoydal, Founding Partner & Business Developer. Our goal is to learn the Faer Isles Distillery origin story and to get the skinny on all that’s involved in creating a brand new distillery. In other words, we want to hear all about the business side of the whisky business.

Be sure to tune in LIVE on our YouTube Channel, Facebook Page, or on Periscope, and feel free to join in the conversation. Or, if you’re not the Facebook, YouTube, or Periscope type, feel free to join us here by clicking the play button on the following video:

We look forward to hearing from you during the broadcast. Cheers!

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