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One Bourbon, One Four Grain, and One Rye. A Review of Three Journeyman Distillery Whiskeys

Thanks to the wonders of Skype, we’re able to put a BIG middle finger up to COVID19 and continue our never ending series of booze reviews…

Today’s destination is Journeyman Distillery of Three Oaks, Michigan where we’ll be sampling three very different whiskey expressions: a Bourbon, a Four Grain Whiskey, and a Rye. Journeyman Distillery opened its doors in 2011 and currently produces over 20 different spirits that range from vodka to gin to limoncello to whiskey and every in between.

The three whiskeys that we’ll be reviewing today are courtesy of Limpd and a three whiskey sample pack that he bought a while back. Here is a bit of information about each whiskey taken directly from the Journeyman website:

Featherbone Bourbon Whiskey

Distilling Bourbon is classically American, which is why we named this whiskey Featherbone Bourbon after the innovative product once manufactured in this building a century ago at a time when manufacturing in Michigan was synonymous with American made. The Featherbone was a revolutionary product created and manufactured in Three Oaks by E.K. Warren, a staunch prohibitionist. Today, we create a quite a different kind of Featherbone at Journeyman and find it ironic to be operating a grain-to-bottle distillery in this once “dry” community. We hope that E.K. would find it in good spirits to see us carrying the torch for manufacturing into the 21st century.

Silver Cross Four Grain

Silver Cross Four Grain Whiskey is just that; a whiskey comprised of four types of grain in equal parts. This whiskey is a perfect example of artisanal distillation at its best as you can taste each grains presence in the whiskey itself. The Silver Cross name comes from a medal that was given out in the early days of the British Open, this medal would later come to symbolize friendship, tradition, camaraderie and spirited competition. In that same spirit, Journeyman has created a tradition we call “Four Grains Fore Golf” and we donate 1% of all sales from this whiskey back to various golf charities/organizations to teach kids the game of golf and instill in them good core values.

Last Feather Rye

Our flagship product and one of the few wheat heavy rye whiskies on the market; a beautiful balance of the spice of rye and sweetness of wheat. One of three rye whiskies produced at Journeyman to have been served a cease & desist for its original name. The name Last Feather was adorned to this whiskey after that unfortunate bout with lawyers as we were left with nothing more than the “Last Feather” of our original name. And of course it stuck! Every bottle now bares a “RR” as a small tip of the cap back to our original name never to be whispered aloud.

Just so you know, all #SocialDistancing protocols were followed during the making of this review…

  • Whiskey samples were distributed via dead drop, i.e. Limpd left samples on my backyard playset.
  • I wiped them off immediately after pick-up. I then washed my hands for 20 seconds, singing the Happy Birthday song twice as I rubbed my hands and fingers together with soap, and then rinsed them under uncomfortably hot water.
  • Limpd was sequestered in his basement and I sat comfortably at The Murder Table while we recorded the tasting. Limpd’s basement and The Murder Table are way more than 6 feet apart, and there are many walls and windows separating the two rooms. No, we did not wear masks or gloves during this recording session.

To see and hear what we thought of this trio of whiskeys from Journeyman Distillery during this COVID19 Lockdown Edition of A Tasting at The Murder Table, click the play button on the following video:

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