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Beer Review – Oskar Blues Rosé for Daze

A couple of weeks ago, we reviewed a Rosé Cider from Shacksbury of Vergennes, Vermont.

Now we’re reviewing a Rosé-style Ale from Oskar Blues of Longmont, Colorado called Rosé for Daze.

If you do a wee bit of internet research, you will quickly discover that pink (or as everyone likes to call it, Rosé) is most definitely “in” when it comes to the world of Craft Beer. If you don’t believe us, a recent article in lays it all out for you (click here to read the article).

We here at don’t care all that much about trends. All we want is stuff that’s well crafted and delicious tasting, so brew up some batches of golden, amber (we heart Amber!), brown, mahogany, blonde, deep black, or even pinkish hued elixirs, and we’ll gladly try them, and then voice our opinions about them!

Now that you know a bit about the Rosé trend that’s sweeping the Craft Beer scene and how we feel about it, here’s what Oskar Blues has to say about their Rosé for Daze:

Tart, bright prickly pear meets floral hibiscus in this refreshing, spritzy rosé beer inspired by America’s favorite pink wine. A subtle hop profile of Aramis and Centennial hops provide light berry and floral notes, matched with honey-toned malts.

“We chose ingredients with big, fresh flavor and combined them at an approachable ABV,” said Tim Matthews, Oskar Blues Head of Brewery Operations. “While rosé wines can range in sweetness, we were inspired by the crisp, dry end of the spectrum and focused on tart, floral notes. The result is a summery, balanced thirst-quencher perfect for patio season.”

The sleek can, ornamented with delicate hibiscus flowers, provides a suggestion of the pink-hued, intensely carbonated liquid inside. Rosé for Daze is made for porch sipping, brunching, poolside enjoyment and toasting all things summertime.

Although summer is almost over, there are many warm days ahead before the transition from cool, crisp Autumn to cold, harsh Winter begins. Is Rosé for Daze the beer to enjoy as we ease ourselves into the bleakness ahead? The only way to find out if we think this beer is up to the task is to click the play button on the following video:

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Many thanks to the fine folks at Oskar Blues for sending us these very generous samples!

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