Ballast Point

Beer Review – Ballast Point Calm Before the Storm

Ballast Point Calm Before The Storm - 1

Here we go again!
Yet another Golden Ale with the aroma of 2AM, Oregon Diner coffee.

The last beer that smelled like this came from the Windy City.
The brewer of that beer was Goose Island.
This time around, it’s a beer by the Billion Dollar Brewer, aka Ballast Point of San Diego, CA.

Much like last time, the nose on this one was all diner coffee with a healthy dose of vanilla playing background.
I also picked up some dark chocolate way off in the distance.
It smelled so good that I was wondering if I’d have a tough time falling asleep.

When I went in for that first sip, my hopes were dashed.
What happened to all that coffee, vanilla, and chocolate goodness that I was smelling?
This is definitely a case of overinflated expectations.

Cream Ale with Coffee & Vanilla.
That’s what the label says.
Ballast Point didn’t lie to me.
I was simply expecting too much based upon what I was smelling.

The beer itself is pretty good.
A malty, creamy Golden Ale with coffee and vanilla playing a supporting role.
I like to think of it as a sort of Boilermaker.
But instead of dropping a shot of whisky into the glass,
They went with a very small shot of vanilla flavored coffee.

Did I like it? Yes.
Would I go out of my way to try it again? No.
Then again, DRAFT just named this one of their Best Beers of 2015,
So if I happen to stumble upon it again, I may have to give it a second chance.
Especially if it’s available on tap!

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