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I Bought Some Craft Beer Bombers Sight Unseen. Did I Get a Good Deal?

Mystery Bag

Recently, on a quick stop at Kress Liquors (my better half needed a bottle or two of Magners Pear Cider), I was taken by the unique packaging of a three pack of bombers. Rather than put the three bottles on special, I was greeted by a plain brown bag that was labeled as a “Mystery Bag of Brews”. Always a sucker for the packaging, I was intrigued by the idea that I was getting $35 of beer for $29.98 and that I could be getting a diamond or two in the bag. Suffice it to say, that almost as soon as I saw the bag, I was hooked (and ready for the gaff and the net; hope they’ve got a big boat).

Well, I returned home and iced the Magners and then was met with the disapproving eye of my better half. She is all too familiar with my suspect purchases and fails to find the joy in packaging. Anyway, I opened the bag like a little kid at Christmas and was met with the following bottles.

Mystery Bag Brews

I have had the Dogfish Head Black & Blue (a Belgian style ale with blackberries and blueberries) and I am unimpressed (Beer Advocate gives it an 83). I have had the Southern Tier Plum Noir (an Imperial porter with Italian plums) and while interesting, I didn’t really love it (also an 83 from Beer Advocate). And, I have had the Rogue Dead Guy (a Heller Bock) a couple of times. While I find this to be a really good beer (Beer Advocate gives it an 89; the Bros gave it a 96), it wasn’t something that was new to me. So, I look at my three bottles and I am a little bit disappointed. Obviously, I am not jumping up-and-down with Wayne Brady (or Monty Hall if that is a more familiar reference). I am left wondering if I made a good deal or not. Did I get the second prize behind the curtain or did I get the Zonk?

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  1. It would have been a zonk if it were me. I like Black and Blue more than you, but not enough to cure the buyer’s remorse I would have had. Dead Guy. Love it. But I already drink enough of that. The Southern Tier would be interesting, but nothing I’d be doing back flips over. Nope, not even Carol Merrill could make this look better.


    • I guess I should have known not to buy a brown bag filled with beer. Unless, of course, my plan was to drink it in a city park.


  2. I like that fact that Kress Liquors supplies paper bags instead of making patrons bring in their smelly old reusable ones for in-store promotions, though the thought of seeing my Whole Foods bag scrawled with black Sharpie makes me far more excited that seeing the Whole Foods’ receipt with a big Sharpied “SUCKER” across it. Nice liquor store shopping!


    • I prefer Patsy to Sucker. That way, it seems like maybe they just got my name wrong and weren’t attacking me. I am tempted to “double down” and buy another mystery bag.


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