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Beer Review Poetry – Sixpoint RAD

Sixpoint RAD

There’s a faint smell of beer,

When you put your nose near,

But it’s the citrus bouquet

That takes you away.

Blood oranges, grapefruits, and maybe some lime.

I’d list a few others, if I had some more time.

The citrus is big when you take that first sip,

Like a San Pellegrino Blood Orange Soda has just passed your lips.

Though it starts off a bit sweet, it quickly gets tart.

I really like citrus, so it’s winning my heart.

My only regret is it’s REALLY subtle beer flavor,

But on a really hot day, this would be something to savor (though it’s really easy to chug!).

Some call it a RADler, some call it a shandy.

YOU can call it what YOU want, I’ll just call it dandy!

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  1. Once again a great picture! You had my interest until you mentioned shandy. After the Leinie Shandy, I’m still a bit put off by the style. And, since you have taken on your new, Dr. Sauss persona, are you going to release an illustrated version of your reviews? Perhaps, you will introduce new characters, Drink 1 and Drink 2?


    • Leinie Shandy is not good.
      It smells and tastes like stuff used to polish wood.

      Sixpoint’s RAD is totally different.
      It’s juicy, and quite a nice refreshment.

      As far as adding pictures to my reviews,
      My drawing skills give me (and others) the blues.


  2. That’s one snappy little iambic heptameter. But more importantly, can someone with more than one opposable consonant in their surname tell me why there’s a guitar back there? This is a violation of the principle of Nugentarian physics of background imagery and I would strongly recommend that you refrain from tagging this review with anything likely to attract the attention of The Ted.

    As for this barbaric concoction, ENOUGH! The concept of pouring juice into beer is moronic in the first place. Nothing different about that than jamming an unsuspecting lime down the throat of a bottle of Sewer Swill…er….Corona. Leiny Summer Shandy? Idiot Juice. RAD? Hipster Idiot Juice.

    And here I was looking forward to an evening of Rutger Hauer movies. So much for that. Might have to settle for the Canadian Subtitled version of A Scanner Darkly.

    And so it was……….



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