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Reblog: The “It’s just the booze dancing…” Crew Gets Interviewed By The Whisky Woman!

Click the pic to read our Q+A with The Whisky Woman…

Way back in April of this year, we received the following email from our blogging buddy The Whisky Woman (aka Allison Patel):

Hey G-LO!

I would love to shed some light into the whole “spirit blogging” world and salute the guys like you & your crew who are dedicated to your readers, spend tons of time networking and educating yourselves and stay up late just to share your thoughts, experiences, and knowledge with the world… all for free! If you’re up for it, I would love to do a booze blogger profile of you guys. Do you think that might be of interest? I’ve included the questions below that I am hoping each of the 4 authors could answer independently to highlight each of your individual personalities. Here they are:

  • Who are the writers of the BoozeDancing blog? 
  • How did you all come up with your pen names?
  • When and why did you all start the BoozeDancing blog?
  • How frequently do you publish new posts?
  • On average, how much time would you say each writer spends writing and promoting/marketing his posts per day or week?
  • What have been some of your biggest surprises as booze bloggers?
  • What were some of your biggest hurdles/learning curves?
  • How do you stay motivated?
  • What do you like the best about being a blogger?
  • What do you like the least about being a blogger?
  • If you had it to do all over again, would you still have started?
  • Any tips for people considering starting a blog?

If not, it’s totally cool – just something I have thought about and as I’m sitting here editing my post at 2am knowing you only just closed your computer – I thought it’s time people see a bit of the “behind the scenes” of what we do! 

Thanks so much! Could be great fun!

The Whisky Woman

After numerous emails between the five of us (i.e. four Booze Dancers and one Whisky Woman), the interview finally came together, and The Whisky Woman published it on her blog yesterday afternoon.

To say that we are flattered by her kindness and generosity would be a tremendous understatement! Since no good deed goes unrewarded, we thought the best way to thank Allison would be to send you her way. If you’ve ever wondered who we are and why we do what we do, click here to visit The Whisky Woman blog and learn a bit more about us. We hope you enjoy the read!

Thanks again to Allison Patel for pulling this all together!

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  1. G-LO!
    I am so flattered!!!! Thank you for the lovely words. I was only ever trying to highlight all of you and thank you for being so open & honest. It turned out to be even more fun than I had originally thought. Glad you guys are happy with the results.



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