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Whisky Review – Master Of Malt St. Isidore aka The Blogger’s Blend

In early May of 2011, Master of Malt announced The Bloggers’ Blend. In a nutshell, Master of Malt picked ten bloggers and asked them to create their own blended whisky using various single malt and grain whisky samples that they would provide. Here is the list of bloggers that took part in this competition:

And here is what Master of Malt had to say about this competition back in May of 2011:

For a long while now, we at MoM towers have been thinking that one of the biggest and most valuable resources in the industry is the blogosphere… There are a huge number of incredible whisky blogs out there, run by experts with a huge depth of knowledge about the subject of whisky.  

With this in mind, about a month ago we asked 10 of the most prominent whisky bloggers out there to assist us in the creation of our next whisky. We sent them all highly technical blending kits involving loads of cool scientific bits and bobs, and some superb whiskies, and asked each blogger to create their own blend using the ingredients provided, then send us their recipe. We then followed their recipes, made up their blends and put together the sample sets you now see below.

Now, we can only pick one of the recipes to use as our next whisky, and here’s where you come in… We want you to pick which of the 10 blends we bottle.

Once the winning blend was decided, they launched another contest and asked the bloggers to come up with a name for this whisky. They also launched a contest to come up with the label design. The winning name was St. Isidore, the patron saint of the internet. Seems fitting no?

About two weeks ago, Master of Malt sent me a sample of this whisky. Let’s get on with the review…

  • Appearance: Clover honey color. Clings to the glass when you first give it a swirl. Thick, slow moving streaks eventually take shape.
  • Aroma: Quite sweet on the nose. Burnt sugar and cinnamon. Cigar tobacco smokiness. Raisins and other dried fruit.
  • Taste: A bit thin overall, with a slight bit of oiliness in the mouthfeel. Starts off slowly, i.e. it’s rather mild at first, but then it starts to intensify with a strong cinnamon like spiciness that hits the middle of my tongue. There’s a good bit of smokiness in the background, but it’s far from overwhelming. The finish is all cinnamon spiciness with a hint of that cigar tobacco smokiness and brown sugar.
  • ABV: 41.4%

Thanks to Master of Malt, I am once again taught that a blended Scotch whisky can be just as good as any Single Malt. St. Isidore has all of the richness and complexity of a good Single Malt, and the fact that it was created by whiskey bloggers such as ourselves makes it that much more special. Congrats to Master of Malt and all of the bloggers that participated in this very unique competition.

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  1. Nice review! It is a shame MoM sent the little sample as it sounds like an exceptional blend. Did MoM disclose where the origins of the whiskies that were given to the blenders? Or, the “formula” for the winning entry? Sounds, like a good bit of the Highlands and Islay blended to perfection. Given the name and the shiny packaging, I will certainly look for it.


  2. This is really cool. I love that MoM did this and are so supportive of the dedicated bloggers everywhere. Also, hats off to you for writing such a great, clear and concise post. You got a lot of information in while still being interesting & educational with little fluff. In a busy world, this kind of blogging is greatly appreciated by people like me!!! Keep up the great work!



    • Thanks for the compliment! Happy to hear that you enjoyed the read. I try my best to inform and entertain. It helps that there are so many good whisky bloggers out there. All of this interaction keeps me on my toes!

      And as far as Master of Malt, they really do make whisky fun! They have completely embraced social media outlets and do a great job of interacting with their fans/customers. Limpd has made several purchases from them and has been very satisfied with their speed of delivery and the quality of their packaging. They deserve much respect!


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