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Beer Review – Wolaver’s Organic Ales Pumpkin Ale

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In my search for a good pumpkin ale, I picked up a bottle of Wolaver’s Organic Pumpkin Ale. This is a relatively new release from the folks at Wolaver’s, a sort of sister brewery to Otter Creek, and both under the banner of Long Trail Brewing Company. Founded in 1997, Wolaver’s is the brewer of the nation’s first certified organic beers. They offer an India Pale Ale, an Oatmeal Stout and a Brown Ale year round and the Wildflower Wheat, a Pumpkin Ale and the Alta Gracia Coffee Porter on a seasonal basis

I found the Pumpkin Ale to have the following characteristics…

  • Appearance: Cloudy amber. Frothy with lots of foam.
  • Aroma: Nutmeg and pumpkin pie.
  • Taste: Spicy and sweet, but not as full flavored as the aroma would suggest.
  • ABV: 5.35%

This was a good beer, though not as flavorful as you would think, and it wasn’t as overly pumpkin flavored as the Post Road. Sadly, I only had a couple of sips and then lost the bottle to my better half.

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