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Lunch Review – Doghouse Gourmet Burgers, Voorhees, NJ


Over the last couple of years we have watched the transformation, by Pennsylvania Real Estate Investment Trust, of the old Echelon Mall into the new Voorhees Town Center.  As the prototypical NJ indoor shopping mall has transitioned into a mixed-use community complex, one of the most anticipated changes was the addition of new dining options. A few days ago, I got a chance to try one of the new spots, Doghouse Gourmet Burgers.

Doghouse Gourmet Burgers is the second location of this gourmet burger brand (the other is in Downington, PA).  They say they are “committed to serving delicious burgers made with fresh, local ingredients”.  Sounds good to me!

Stopping in for a takeout lunch, I grabbed a Doghouse Burger, some Salt-N-Pepper Fries, and a soda.  The Doghouse Burger is a 6oz angus beef patty on a nice buttery roll and topped with lettuce, caramelized onions, american cheese, applewood bacon and a sweet and spicy chipotle aioli. It was juicy, but not greasy, and very tasty.  Paired with the simple and perfectly cooked salt-n-pepper fries, it was a great break in my day and well worth the trip.

From this one visit, here are some quick observations:

  • The menu looks promising.  The Doghouse is not trying to do too much just a few things well (burgers, dogs, fries, and sandwiches) with a gourmet twist. (menu)
  • The decor is well done and a hipper place than we are used to around here. Outdoor seating will be awesome in the Spring.
  • They appear to serve craft beer at this location which beats the nearby Five-Guys. I’ll take a good burger and a beer over a good burger and some peanuts any day.
  • They have a kids menu and mix-n-match side orders that will be perfect for an easy meal out with the kids.
  • When LimpD finds out that the “Black Lab Burger” has both bacon and a fried egg on it, he may buy the apartment above and never leave.

I was very happy with my stop at the Doghouse, and this trip certainly warrants a return trip with the true burger and dog critics (my kids). My only complaint on this trip was the service. It was a little slow, and the menu boards were a little confusing, but I didn’t expect a new restaurant to be perfect.

If you are in the South Jersey area I suggest you give it a try.  I will definitely be back and also plan to try their sister restaurant next-door, Firecreek Restaurant + Bar, for a less casual dinner with the family.

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  1. Oh, so I’m the only one that likes a fried egg and bacon on a burger! I checked out the menu and I think I would go for the Great Dane (two 6 oz Angus burgers double stacked) and then add on the fried egg, the bacon and some Vermont cheddar cheese. Of course, I would need a chocolate Siberian husky to wash it down. Did you notice a defibrillator hanging on the wall?


    • There’s a kick ass bar in Philly called Good Dog. The Good Dog burger is amazing! And then there’s the truffled cheesesteak empanadas…


      • Mmmm, the cheesesteak empanadas with that bourbon & rogue
        chocolate stout dipping sauce (as featured on Diners, Drive-ins, and Dives). Very tasty. I would eat my shoes if they were covered in that sauce.

        My fave is their chicken tenders cordon bleu (chicken strips wrapped in black forest ham & swiss cheese, breaded and fried, served with a side of honey grain mustard sauce) …. Just your basic dive bar food.

        The Doghouse Burger is on level with Good Dog. Best part it is closer to home than Good Dog. It’s nice to have options!!


        • You had me at empanada! Given enough of that sauce, I might even eat a green vegetable. We might need a couple of field trips to compare. Of course, this would be for research purposes only.


  2. I went there with my better half and the urchins this evening. While I woofed down my Black Lab, the rest of the crowd was less than satisfied with their meals. Between criticisms that medium well was much closer to briquette and that the rolls were a combination of potato and stale, I don’t think they will be looking for a repeat visit. Also, I heard “this is no Five Guys several times”.


    • As mentioned in my review the service was a bit slow (and a little disorganized). I would expect this to lead to poorly cooked orders and low quality so I am not surprised you had a less than stellar experience (actually, given your track record, I would have been surprised if you had.)

      While my experience was good I got the impression that this was a new restaurant that didn’t seem to have a manager and was “working the kinks out”. I will give them a few more tries before I pass final judgment.


      • Surprisingly, the service was actually quite good. I’m not talking good for me good, I mean like service for G-Lo good. And, as I said, I did enjoy my Black Lab. I thought the shakes and the fries (even the sweet potato ones) were good as well. While I can certainly appreciate the “kinks” in a new business, the quality and proximity of Five Guys will probably keep the rest of the family from jumping at the chance to go back. I’d like to try the double burger or the pulled pork before I pas final judgment.


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