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Booze News Flash! Ardbeg Unleashes The Alligator…

Arbeg has announced the release of their newest expression which they call Alligator. This expression is called Alligator because some of the barrels used in the aging process were given a Level 4 charring, i.e. the inside of the barrels resemble an alligator’s skin due to the intense level of charring that the barrels undergo. There will be approximately 40,000 bottles of Ardbeg Alligator distributed globally once it is officially released in September (a few thousand bottles have already been released to the Ardbeg Committee). Ardbeg Alligator is non-chill filtered and will have an ABV of 51.2%. You can hear more about this bottling from Ardbeg Master Distiller Bill Lumsden on WhiskyCast Episode 314, and thanks to the Jewish Single Malt Whisky Society for sharing a link to the following video from Ardbeg on their Facebook page. Enjoy!

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  1. Wait…

    They char alligators? I’ve had fried alligator at one of the Wookie’s old haunts, Bubba Mack’s Shack in Somers Point, but I’ve never heard of charred alligator. I guess burned fried alligator bites would be charred but it sounds as though you’re talking about someone from Scotland actually creeping up on unsuspecting dangerous reptiles and letting loose with a flame thrower.

    That’s not right.



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