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BudChucks …. A new way to get a headache from Budweiser

The next time you get a headache from Budweiser it might not be because you drank it.  It may be because someone took these bad boys and went all Kung Fu Panda on your ass.

BudChucks are the brainchild of Chen Chen, a NY based product designer.  This Big Beer take on the classic Nunchaku are made from two concrete filled Budweiser cans joined together by a steel chain.  One set of these and you will become a lethal brew ninja.

If you must have a set of these they are apparently available at the OHWOW Store in NY.  Of course if you are truly one with you inner brew ninja you will make a set for yourself.  I am working on a set made from a pair of empty Oskar Blues Ten FIDY cans.  I figure a powerful weapon should start with a powerful brew.

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