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Saranac Adirondack Trail Mix

Looking for a great way to introduce yourself to the core beers from Saranac Brewery then find yourself an Adirondack Trail Mix 6-pack or 12-Pack.  The Adirondack Trail Mix sampler offers you a taste of each of Saranac’s 6 core beers:

  1. Pale Ale
  2. IPA
  3. Adirondack Lager
  4. Black Forest
  5. Black and Tan
  6. Brown Ale

Now I won’t go into a review of each beer as these are not new groundbreaking brews.   These beers are just a great example of what Saranac does …. Consistently produce solid beers year after year.

Saranac holds a special place in my heart as the brewery that pulled me away from the “Big Beers” to craft brews with more complexity.  I would recommend this pack as great “training wheels” for anyone who is looking to explore different craft beer styles but not ready to plunge into a Founders KBS or a Terrapin Rye Squared.

Of the beers in the pack listed above I personally love the Pale Ale and the Adirondack Lager.  Both beers are great paired with almost any food.  The Pale Ale is crisp and light.  The Adirondack Lager is good example of a traditional lager, rich with a slight malty sweetness.

Give them a try and if you are a Saranac fan let us know what you think.

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    • Most craft beer snobs would look down their noses at the regular Saranac beers since they aren’t “WOW” beers but I think they are good solid brews. Saranac has a few “more crafty” brews that they sell labeled under their Lake Placid and High Peak series that are good too.

      My favorite Saranac has no alcohol in it, their Root Beer. It is one of the better root beers I have every had and my kids agree. It’s hard to find if you not close to the brewery but worth the pick-up if you see it.


  1. I have to agree with The Wookie. The Saranac beers weren’t groundbreaking, but they were good beers nonetheless. Though if it were my money, I would pick up a Great Lakes or Smuttynose sampler pack instead.


    • Typically the Saranac is cheaper. Usually priced comparable to Yuengling. So when I am looking for a solid brew at a good price I’ll go Saranac. Also I have never had any of the “freshness” issues with Saranac that have plagued my Smutty and GLBC purchases. Saranac might just sell better around here.

      Don’t get me wrong Smutty and GLBC make some great beers and on the whole are better than Saranac. For me Saranac is more consistent and a great choice for those who are looking for solid beers with a little more crafty flavor than the “Big Beers”.


  2. Hey Wookie! I forgot how much I enjoy the lower key session beers until this crazy hot weather crept up on us. Saranac is good stuff, and they put together great mix packs. My favorite Saranac is the Pomegranate Wheat. Different mix pack, but really nice crisp fruity summer beer. You know I like my fruit!


    • It is definitely a “low key” beer time of year. I had a Terrapin Rye Squared in the heat this weekend and at 9% ABV it almost knocked me out. Time to put away the heavy beers and reach for something more refreshing.


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