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Sudsy Sunday Report – 5/15

It’s another wrap-up to a beautiful weekend (or start to a new week).  Me and the boys (LimpD and G-lo) connected for a session on the deck with some new brews.  They included:

This session officially kicks off our quest to find the official brew summer 2011 as we explore some canned craft beers.  More on the summer beer search and reviews of the beers listed above will follow.

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  1. Rye and I do not get along. I’ve had regular Terrapin Rye Pale, but not the Rye Squared. I’ll probably skip that one, but I am intriqued by Butternuts Heinniewiese.


    • Yo Tiff!

      Tis a pity you don’t like Rye beers. My first was the Summit Rye Pale Ale that I had last summer. Twas love at first sip! I guess I enjoy them because they’re just so… different. Kinda like Ash…



    • Rye beers are not for everyone. They have a distinct spicy flavor that is often paired with a lot of hops that turns people off. The Rye Squared takes this to the next level.

      The Butternuts Heinniewiese was neat beer. It’s rare to find a good wheat beer in a can and this may be one. We will post a review in the next few days or so as part of my summer beer hunt. Stay tuned …..


  2. To call the Anderson Valley Brewing’s Summer Solstice a weird beer is a bit of an understatement. I think G-Lo’s assessment of a glass of wet, wheat bread is not too far off the mark. This is a case of a beer that starts out so promising in terms of the color and the pour and then quickly dissolves into something completely different. Maybe it was a freshness issue or the fact it was in a can, but I hope that this beer will not be included in the swim club line-up.


    • And don’t even get me started on the nasty aftertaste. Felt like I washed down that mushy wheat bread with warm skim milk (I don’t drink plain milk. Ever). Gross. One up side… it made the Rogue Dead Guy Whiskey that I had as a palate cleanser look like a step in the right direction.


      • I don’t think the AVBC’s Summer Solstice will make the pool beer finals. I will post a full review later in the week and you boys can blast it some more.


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