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Beer Review – Heavy Seas Gold Ale

One of the benefits of traveling for work is getting to try fresh local beer where ever I go.  This week my work brought me to Baltimore MD where, after my meetings, I got to try Gold Ale from Heavy Seas. This is my first experience with brew from Heavy Seas and I am glad I found it.

Heavy Seas Beers are the brand/products of Clipper City Brewing.  Following their nautical/pirate brand theme they group their brews in “Fleets”.   The Gold Ale falls in their “Clipper Fleet” collection which Heavy Seas says “features award winning classic beer styles focused on quality and drinkability”.   Every one of these brews is also less than 6% ABV making the Clipper Fleet the right cruise line for the session drinker.

The Gold Ale is described by the brewer as:

Deep gold in color with floral and spicy hop aromas. Brewed with pale, carmel, and Munich malts balanced with Cascade, Centennial and Hersbrucker hops. Well rounded, fruity and complex. Pairs well with salads, mild cheeses and pulled pork BBQ.”

Here is my take:

  • Appearance: Crystal clear and golden.  Rich 1/2 inch head that quickly dissipated.
  • Aroma: The nose is very light on this beer.  Just slight floral notes and honey.
  • Taste: Crisp, floral, with citrus and a slight sweetness.  If something can taste “clean” this is it.
  • ABV: 4.5%

This is a solid beer and was a great find  After my first sip I thought to myself, “I could drink 3-4 of these”.  An hour and a half later I had drank 3-4 of them and thanks to the modest alcohol content I could still walk.

The Gold Ale is light but still has good flavor.  They have managed to capture the floral flavors of hops, leave behind the bitterness, and round it out with a hint of sweetness. If you are in the Heavy Seas distribution area and are looking for a great session brew or a beer that won’t over power your meal I recommend you give this one a try.

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  1. Welcome to Maryland Wookie! Glad you got to enjoy some local beverages – Heavy Seas is a big one around here, and I actually work all of 3 minutes from the Flying Dog brewery. So where did you go for your post-meeting bevs? Two standouts in Baltimore are Max’s and Brewer’s Art. Gotta hit those if you’re ever back in town. Hope the city treated you well.

    Cheers beers,


    • Brewers Art was our original plan but a member of our group wanted to see the Inner Harbor. After walking around the harbor on lovely but dead Monday night we found ourselves at Hooters (Pathetic? Yes, I know.)

      Our night was saved when we ditched the Inner Harbor Tourist in the group and found the Heavy Seas at our hotel bar. The Wookettes and I will hopefully get back down to Baltimore once the spring weather takes hold and hit some real stops for good eats. We frequently take day trips there. My kids favorite spot is Miss Shirley’s Cafe for brunch. Me, I am more of a Greene Turtle guy.


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