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Brew News – Triumph ODDyssey Half Marathon Recovery Ale

Earlier this week, I received the following email from Carl Ewald, Executive Director of the ODDyssey Half Marathon, to tell us about a new beer that Triumph Brewing Company will be releasing during this year’s Broad Street Run:

Triumph Brewing Company partners with the ODDyssey Half Marathon to introduce the ODDyssey Half Marathon Recovery Ale.

(Philadelphia, PA) In 2007, researchers at Granada University in Spain, headed by medical professor Manuel Garzon, found that the sugars, salts, and bubbles in beer cause a pint of beer post-workout to be better at rehydrating the human body than water. 

Because of their great devotion to science, health and beer, Triumph Brewing Company and the ODDyssey Half Marathon have joined together to develop the first ever official post race beer. Head Brewer Brendan Anderson has labored to create the perfect recipe for post race recovery and celebration. Danielle Alderman, Corporate and Social Events Coordinator for Triumph, reports that the beer “is crisp, refreshing and delicious.”

Best of all, every runner over the age of 21 can receive a free beer at the end of the ODDyssey Half Marathon to toast their triumph! Executive Director Carl Ewald explained “Partnering with Triumph Brewing Company was the perfect fit. We give away finishers pint glasses to every runner. I am very excited about this sponsorship because it is with a local craft brewery that puts the same pride, dedication and creativity into their beer as we and our runners put into the race.”

Curious as to the benefits of a recovery beer? Runners are invited to the official release party for the ODDyssey Half Marathon Recovery Ale on May 1, 2011 from 11:30-4:00 after the Broad Street Run. Hey, where else can you drink to your health all in the name of science?

 The ODDyssey Half Marathon is Philadelphia’s spring half marathon. It boasts a USA Track and Field certified course, professional photography, cash prizes and the most sophisticated timing system in the world – allowing runners to cross the finish line and immediately look up their results on touch screen kiosks.

But, the ODDyssey also looks to be the most fun half marathon you will ever run. It features live music along the course, optional quirky elements like water balloons and costume contests, and free post race massages from Phila Massage.

To register and get more details about the race or the beer, please go to

Although I’m not a runner, the fact that the ODDyssey Half Marathon takes place in THE Best Beer Drinking City in America, and involves the introduction of a new beer, piqued my curiosity. After a couple of emails between Carl and myself, he graciously agreed to answer a few questions…

“It’s just the booze dancing…”: Are you a runner and if so, how long have you been running?
Carl Ewald:  I am a runner. I have been running for about 11 years now. I think that is one of the great advantages of our race, all of the organizers are runners. So, we are very in tune with the runner’s experience. That experience is our priority.
IJTBD: How did you come up with the idea for this race?
CE: We came up with the idea for the race after training for the Broad Street Run with our running club for a few years. Every year, after the race, all of our teammates were really pumped and ready to take on a half marathon. But, there were no half marathons in the area that were in the spring and left enough time to train for those extra three miles. So, after three years of looking, we decided to start our own. Clearly we were not the only ones who saw that need. This year is our second year and we expect 2,000 runners to register.
IJTBD: Are you a beer geek, and if so, do you have a favorite beer?
CE: Definitely a beer geek. I am a big fan of craft beers. Which one depends on my mood. I like IPAs. Last night I was drinking a Tall Grass IPA which was nice, crsip and hoppy. I like Troeg’s Nugget Nectar, Victory’s Hop Devil, and most anything I have tried from Avery.
IJTBD: Who came up with the idea for this beer?
CE:  I came up with the idea for the beer. Our race has a healthy bit of irreverance to it. Last year we gave away pint glasses instead of finishers medals. This year we added medals as well.  But, our medals also double as beer bottle openers. When Triumph agreed to sponsor the race, I proposed that we create a beer based around Dr. Garzon’s study and they jumped right on it.  I cannot wait for the official beer release party.
IJTBD: Will this beer be available year-round or will this be a one-time only kind of thing?
CE: Right now it is scheduled as a seasonal. I hope it will be available every year right in time for the race.

Any event that involves craft beer, takes place in my hometown, and doesn’t take itself TOO seriously deserves the “It’s just the booze dancing…” seal of approval! If you happen to participate in the event, or at least get to sample the beer, please stop back and tell us all about it.


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