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Master of Malt Whisky Samples

Whisky Samples from Master of Malt

Two weeks ago, we received an email from Master of Malt, a UK based whisky retailer, asking us if we’d be interested in trying some of their whiskies, and then posting a review about them on our blog. Who turns down free whisky??? Of course I said yes! About 30 minutes ago, the package arrived. Stay tuned for the reviews.

For more information about Master of Malt, click on the links below:





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    • They are pretty small. A little over an ounce. But for the price, who am I to complain? This was batch #1. I’ll keep you posted if I come into any more.


      • Max — Think of them as tiny maple syrup bottles.

        Wait … brilliant idea … we need to get similar single serve bottles for take home swag from the ROK’s Whiskey Fest. Everyone gets a single serving bottle to take a taste of one of the communal bottles home or make your own blend.


  1. Nice, Master of Malt was where I bought the sample of the Calvados finished Highland Park I tasting noted- A great place for trying out the oddities of the Whisky world without committing to a full bottle. Hope you enjoy your free whisky.


    • Yes yes! I remember that you purchased whisky from them before (I may have even commented on it). Looks like they run a great service and the packaging is very cool. Love the wax dipped top and weathered labels.

      We split up the three pack. I have the Caol Ila, The ROK has the Old Fitzgerald, and The Wookie has the Dalwhinnie.


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