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Beer Review – Brooklyn Black Chocolate Stout

The last time I had a Brooklyn Black Chocolate Stout was about two years ago when The ROK stopped over for a few drinks. I remember having one of these, plus two or three more beers. I also remember feeling quite intoxicated after that last beer. It wasn’t until I picked up the empty Black Chocolate Stout bottle and looked at the label that I found out about its 10% ABV. No wonder I was half in the bag! I basically had the equivalent of a six pack in under two hours. I really liked this beer the first time I had it. Let’s see how I feel about it tonight…

  • Appearance: High viscosity. Completely opaque. Deep, dark brown color. Quarter inch head that dissolves very slowly.
  • Aroma: Bittersweet chocolate. Espresso.
  • Taste: Thick and chewy. Coats your mouth with bittersweet chocolate, roasted malt, and espresso flavor. Long, slightly bitter finish. The alcohol is there, but it’s subtle.

This is a dangerous beer! It’s like a Guinness on steroids, i.e. very smooth and flavorful. Given it’s high alcohol content, I doubt that I would have more than two of them in a sitting. This is a beer that you would drink on its own, or maybe alongside a dessert. I give the Brooklyn Black Chocolate Stout a B. It’s a very good beer, but not something that I would drink too often.

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  1. I have a bunch of “aged” BBCS. Maybe 8-10 different annual brewings (can you call them vintages if it aint vino? Hops comes on a vine right?). Vertical Tasting!!!!


  2. Is this THE Miracle Max??? If it is, I was trying to figure out a way to fit you into the BBCS post since you’re such a BBCS hoarder. Alas, my writing skills need some work.

    As far as vertical tastings go… have you figured out at what point it gets better and at what point the flavor starts to get worse, i.e. is a 6 year old BCBS as good as it gets, or can it age even longer? We want to know damn it! 🙂


  3. It was very good, but I’m sure you can get something that is as good or even better in Seattle. Not like there’s a shortage of great breweries on the West Coast. 😉


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