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Food Review – The Oyster House, Center City Philadelphia

Earlier this week, Limpd and I decided that we would have lunch on Friday at The Oyster House in Center City. The Oyster House, which opened in 2009, is located on the 1500 block of Sansom Street (1516 Sansom Street to be exact). The restaurant is housed in the former home of The Sansom Street Oyster House. While the old restaurant was all dark wood and small, connected rooms, the new space is bright, open, and inviting.

The Oyster House has been on our short list of “Restaurants That We Must Try!” for quite some time. Let’s find out if it was worth the wait…

After a barrage of “I need something right now!” emails and drop-ins on Friday morning, 12:30 couldn’t come around soon enough! And based upon the look on Limpd’s face when we met up at the bar, it appeared as if he was having a very similar morning. Thankfully, we were immediately seated at a high top table in the bar area and presented with the lunch and drink menus.

Our poor waitress. She must have come back three times to ask if we were ready to order. I was too busy ranting about my morning to even look at the menu. I’m sure the phrase “douche bag” was uttered on at least three occasions during my rant. Oh how I love that phrase!

Once I settled down, we ordered a couple beers. I went with the Dogfish Head Indian Brown Ale (delicious!), while Limpd ordered “that draught beer that comes out of the yellow tap handle”. I don’t think we ever figured out who the brewer of his beer was, but we do know that it was a lager, and that he enjoyed it immensely.

Since our beers were delivered promptly, it was time to make a decision and order some food. We both decided to take advantage of the “Add a Cup of Soup for $3” option if you order an entree. Limpd went with the Snapper Turtle Soup, The Shrimp Salad Roll, and a side order of french fries.

Snapper Turtle Soup

Shrimp Salad Roll

I ordered the Manhattan Clam Chowder and the Smoked Salmon Grilled Reuben.

Manhattan Clam Chowder

Smoked Salmon Grilled Reuben

My clam chowder was very fresh and it had a generous portion of chopped clams swimming in a flavorful broth, while the Smoked Salmon Grilled Reuben was an interesting twist on the traditional Reuben. The sauerkraut and smoked salmon played very nicely together, and the fact that it was served on buttered and grilled rye toast added yet another flavor/texture element to a very delicious sandwich filling. Although I didn’t sample any of Limpd’s meal, he did say that he really enjoyed it. I’m sure that he’ll eventually chime in and give us a review of his meal in the comments section.

We were both very impressed with The Oyster House. Good atmosphere, good food, and fast, courteous service. We will definitely be dining there again. Since they have food and drink specials during their 5 to 7PM Happy Hour, our next visit may be sooner than expected. Did I mention that they have a very well appointed bar? I give The Oyster House a very enthusiastic B+!

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  1. To clarify, the beer was a Brew Works Amber Lager ( and I identified it by the yellow handle not because I am a giddy school girl but because my vision is slowly failing. It was a good enough beer to make me wish I was not at lunch and could have had a second.

    The turtle soup was more of a stew than the typical turtle soup and while different was very good. The shrimp salad roll was loaded with shrimp and might have been one of the best shrimp salads I have ever had.

    As far as G-Lo not getting to taste my lunch, we were not on a date, he did not pay for my meal and my Pappy taught me not to share.


  2. Your Pappy, aka The Whisky Ambassador, may have taught you to not share your food, but thankfully, you are very generous when it comes to sharing your well stocked bar with your degenerate neighbors.


  3. When you guys went dancing after your lunch date did LimpD or G-lo lead??? Also have you gals picked a date for the Wedding?


    • Guess you’re still bitter about missing out on lunch. For the record, Mike led. Nuptials forthcoming. Will you be the maid of dishonor? You’d look HOTT in magenta.


      • A – I am constantly bitter …. Douche Bag!
        B – I do look hot magenta, it complements my natural fur color
        C – I am assuming you used the “back door” into the Blue Oyster
        D – Yes that was Police Academy reference


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