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Whisky Review – Springbank 10

Springbank 10 comes from Campbeltown, Scotland, which lies between the Isle of Arran and the northeast coast of Ireland. Springbank Distillery was established in 1828, and is one of the last two distilleries in Campbeltown (Glen Scotia is the other one). There are two versions of the Springbank 10: one is bottled at 50% ABV, and the other is bottled at 46% ABV. Since the 50% ABV version was unavailable, I wound up with a bottle of the 46% ABV.

  • Color: Golden yellow.
  • Nose: Licorice, very little smoke, sherry.
  • Taste: Adding a splash of water helps open up the flavors, and tones down the spice. When I first tried this, I found it to be quite medicinal, but now that it’s been exposed to the air, the sweetness starts to come through. This whisky spends 60% of it’s time aging in bourbon barrels and 40% of it’s time aging in sherry casks. You can definitely taste the sherry influence in the finish, and there’s just enough saltiness to keep things balanced.

The Springbank 10 is a bit of a mutt. It has some of the smokiness and brine of an Islay whisky, mixed with the sweetness and subtlety of a Highland or Speyside whisky. I am really enjoying this whisky and give is a B+.

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  1. Ah the Campbeltowns, I’ve always dug the area, and lament the lack of distilleries (though Sprinkbank have bought the Glengyle in the area, so we may have a whopping three soon turning out regular bottlings of whisky 🙂 )

    Definitely agree about the mix of styles, its what appeals to me most with the Springbank 10, you get a little microcosm of the whisky world in a glass. BTW have you ever tried the same distilleries Longrow range, same style but with the peat turned up. Based on your past notes I’d imagine its right up your street.


  2. Yo A&A!

    Whoa… 3 Campbeltowns! That’s just crazy talk! 😀

    I never really noticed the hybrid nature of the 10 till I sat down and drank it slowly. It was a really interesting experience. I may actually be learning something here!

    I noticed the Longrow range on their website. I’m going to a Single Malt Whisky event at the end of October (the Exravaganza in Philadelphia), so perhaps I’ll get to try some.



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